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I produced this for an ad agency, whose client was marketing nail clippers with a catcher. This illustration was used as a POP signage/display.   Pen & Ink, scanned, converted to vector format and colored.

Young’s annual calendar design contest. I created this artwork by laying down every monster I could think of. Pen & Ink with Ink wash

Young’s Printing had an annual calendar contest for local designers. Each designer had a month to create a blotter sized calendar page.  This was my December design and it was the only year I won.   Pen & Ink with an ink wash

As much as we all try our best to get along with each other, eventually someone’s gonna come in and stink up the place. This is a painting I did for my personal collection.   Acrylic

“An Angry Alligator Aviates an Azure Airplane as Aardvark and Armadillo Awkwardly Attempt Aerial Acrobatics Attracting an Aluminum Armored Alien”  I created this children’s alphabet book page for a friend of mine’s nephew. This was done in watercolors.

I didn’t realize they gave out PhD’s for marathons. But this studious young fella just happens to be an expert on the subject. Illustration for Public Strategy Group company newsletter. Pen & Ink and digitally colored.

What a way to enjoy the most perfect season in New England. Hanging out by a lake, drinking a coffee and scratching your dog behind the ears. This illustration was done for a newsletter story. It’s hand inked and color was added digitally. I also incorporated photographic images for backgrounds.

We all scream when polar bears are eating our ice cream is more like it.  But seriously, when award winning ice cream maker Herrell’s Ice Cream asked me to create a new bear illustration for their hot fudge label, well you could’ve dipped me in hot fudge and put a cherry on top…hmm, that sounded […]

Who wouldn’t want to have a super hero as their company’s spokesman. I created The Impressionator for Young’s Printing, where he is used in newspaper and magazine ads, decals, company brochures and direct mail.  Young’s even had a costume made up for live events like trade shows and other public appearances. Here he is at […]

This illustration was created for a calendar. 12 artist each got a month to showcase their own artwork. I had November and my birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving that year, and it was the year I turned forty. So in fact I felt a little like the turkey in this picture. This was done […]