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The University offered outstanding trips all over the globe to their alumni. I created a series of E-mail blast promoting those trips. I also created the Travel & Learn logo that became part of the advertisement.

A pioneer in fire alarm systems, Gamewell is known for its red boxes that have become a staple in America’s landscapes. Designed trade ads and company brochures for Gamewell.

I produced this for an ad agency, whose client was marketing nail clippers with a catcher. This illustration was used as a POP signage/display.   Pen & Ink, scanned, converted to vector format and colored.

Young’s annual calendar design contest. I created this artwork by laying down every monster I could think of. Pen & Ink with Ink wash

Young’s Printing had an annual calendar contest for local designers. Each designer had a month to create a blotter sized calendar page.  This was my December design and it was the only year I won.   Pen & Ink with an ink wash

Created this logo for a start up business. Designed the logo and a brochure. A website was created along with business cards and letterhead.

Designed this logo for a group that was in the early stages of establishing a race track located in the Southeastern part of Connecticut.  I created a half dozen designs and although this wasn’t the final logo selected, it was one of my favorites.

Helped design a program for Walmart called the Customer Action Network. I designed  direct mailers, newsletters, signs and other related collateral.

Sounds like a recipe for fun!  I created the Smorpak logo art and the POP stand used to showcase in supermarkets and other fine venues where Smorpaks are sold.

Logo designed for use in menu cards, t-shirts, etc.