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The University offered outstanding trips all over the globe to their alumni. I created a series of E-mail blast promoting those trips. I also created the Travel & Learn logo that became part of the advertisement.

A pioneer in fire alarm systems, Gamewell is known for its red boxes that have become a staple in America’s landscapes. Designed trade ads and company brochures for Gamewell.

Helped design a program for Walmart called the Customer Action Network. I designed  direct mailers, newsletters, signs and other related collateral.

Sounds like a recipe for fun!  I created the Smorpak logo art and the POP stand used to showcase in supermarkets and other fine venues where Smorpaks are sold.

Prescient was looking to hold their sales staff to a higher standard than that of other telephone service providers. So they created a program where their sales force had to complete before joining the team.